Systemic Approach

Lead, Plan, Develop, Operate, and Support

We offer a systemic approach supporting every dimension of organizational activities to help achieve mission effectiveness.


Success requires effective leadership throughout the organization. Strategies and policies extend leaders’ vision and guidance to unify actions under common direction and goals. Whether charting a new course or aligning current operations with purpose and goals, Othon Group International will assist leaders and their enterprises pursue visionary intentions. We can help evaluate current situations and emerging trends and develop strategies to drive action. The results:

  • Organizational roadmap to proactively meet challenges and achieve goals
  • Enhanced workforce understanding of directional drive
  • Unity of effort to maximize opportunity of success


Rarely does a long-term plan survive contact with reality. That’s why Othon Group International will not only assist in the creation of necessary long-term, financial, and operational plans, but also make sure they are actionable and nimble enough to withstand the test of market pressures. This includes the creation of performance management systems, feedback mechanisms and reporting systems. The results:

  • Aligned strategy, policies, and processes
  • Transparency, integrity, and efficiency
  • Critical success factors to drive operational output of the organization
  • Improved workforce utilization
  • Clear roles and responsibilities


Businesses and organizations must progress or die. A growing small or medium size enterprise experiences the same pressures as a firm with international interests or a regional special economic zone. Othon Group International can help guide the development of the workforce, business strategies, market stratification, and solutions and product offerings to best grow the business in economic development projects. The results:

  • A competitively differentiated product and service
  • Business development strategy that closely ties with the strategy
  • Alliances, partnership developments and in-country mentorship
  • Development of public private partnerships and business investment
  • MOUs, trade agreements, and multi-lateral agency support
  • Governance of SEZ, FTZ and other developmental structures
  • Market identification, stratification and differentiation
  • Small and medium size business strategy and business mentorship
  • An ever improving and evolving workforce through human capital development


Strive to exceed the expectations of customers and suppliers through operational effectiveness. We at Othon Group International help improve the “business of the business”. Whether it’s project management, the cost take out of the supply chain, improving international Customs processes, or harmonizing warehousing with the ordering, we help make the sophisticated and complex become elegantly simple. The results:

  • Secure, efficient and sustainable supply chains
  • Procurement and contracting processes which reflect urgency of the business and compliance with the law
  • Operational processes which consider regulatory and international standards
  • Great insight into opportunities for efficiencies
  • Employees and supervisors with a “stake in the development”


The unseen heroes and functions of the business. Rarely do people compliment the technology when it’s working, but rather curse it when it isn’t. Business infrastructure is not only crucial to support and sustain the business, it’s a competitive differentiator. Othon Group International approaches business support with the business requirements driving the technology and the enterprise architecture – not the other way around. The results:

  • Information available whenever and wherever the business demands it
  • Reduction of total cost of ownership of supporting systems
  • Improving the interoperability of systems and processes
  • A more agile system to allow for expansion and upgrades
  • More security and confidence of operations and data