Corporate Social Responsibility / Sustainable Supply Chain

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

A multi-billion dollar investment firm wanted to ensure their supply chain, which included thousands of international suppliers, vendors and personnel, was sustainable and socially responsible for the Al Ain Wildlife Park and Resort (AWPR) development. The lead organization in charge of development, however, was new and growing, with an evolving strategy, processes and procedures. Rather than a “compliance-centric” program for a sustainable supply-chain, a more comprehensive, process-based approach was taken, which used international standards of social accountability, and supply chain management.

The organization incorporated an approach that aligned the organization’s strategy, policies, processes and procedures in key directorates such as procurement, contracting, finance, legal, and operations. The approach would not only help the project meet their immediate sustainable supply chain needs; but, also provide a path for improvement to assist the organization’s goal of becoming the “most sustainable development in the world.”

Othon Group Consultant’s Role

  • Provided governance framework to align AWPR's strategy, policies, procedures and processes regarding key elements in the supply chain process to include tendering and contracting, vendor selection, project implementation and closure, human resources, legal and finance
  • Produced a tailored methodology to help AWPR create a sustainable supply chain methodology that considered fair trade, international labor, health and happiness and One Planet Living standards
  • Created a "Supply Chain Code of Conduct" for inclusion for all upstream and downstream vendors
  • Created methodology to communicate and align sustainable supply chain principles with thousands of vendors with thousands of employees
  • Stratified the supply chain and created performance measurements and targets
  • Facilitated focus committees to align strategy, policy, procedures and processes for workplace health and safety, forced labor and child labor, discrimination, workplace grievances, working hours, and fair pay

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