Economic Development and Governance

Sama Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai Holding’s international investment and development arm endeavored to build a new city in an area of high growth in the Far East. Goals were to (1) provide a high quality living environment with world-class physical and soft infrastructure to support the development of a socially harmonious, economically productive, and sustainable city in Vietnam; (2) provide governance and effective administration through a well-articulated and transparent legal and regulatory system, an independent judiciary based on international standards and a monitoring system to prevent corruption; (3) create a competitive economy and business environment with favorable tax structures, opportunities for training, research and development, technology transfer, competitive economic clusters, and sustainable infrastructure; and (4) attract top talent and develop a skilled workforce for the entire life cycle from planning to development and from operations to sustainability, which applied to administration, contractors, industrial partners, and investors.

An Administrative Authority was created to include all central management and headquarters functions; one-stop-shops; regulatory entities; judiciary and court systems; Economic Development Board; and all operational functions to run a large city. Plans, budgets and implementation strategies were designed, including staffing requirements, Key Performance Metrics, salary scales, and Day 1 transition plans to grow an entity from 100 people to over 1,500 people in 19 months. A bi-lateral international trade treaty was developed with contributions to the establishment and operation of administrative authority governance, regulatory establishment, corporate rules and governance, judiciary and courts, national security, air rights, maritime rights, customs and port use and subsurface rights.

Othon Group Consultant’s Role

  • Created governance framework
  • Created mission and vision for each goals
  • Performed gap analysis and talent baseline for workforce development
  • Created needs assessments for current and future workforce in each of the 29 new government agencies
  • Established strategic plan for working with host government to include inputs into a bi-lateral trade agreement
  • Established fundamental processes to attract and implement capital investments
  • Provided training curriculum and mentorship program for new employees and consultants

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