Department of Health Reform

Reforma de Departamento de Salud, San Juan, Puerto Rico

The Puerto Rico health care system required a complete transformation as a result of Puerto Rico Law 7 initiatives, which mandated a government-wide reduction of over 16,000 employees. Othon Group contributed to the analysis, business processes reengineering, identification of mission critical health areas, and transformation initiatives covering 20 agencies and hospitals and over 10,000 people serving the population of Puerto Rico. The effort is ongoing.

Othon Group Consultant’s Role

  • Facilitated future vision, mission and transformation plan for the Department
  • Conducted extensive research and interviews to baseline existing positions, roles, and processes
  • Led and produced the Human Resources transformation plan, to include consolidation of key resources and goals, centralized planning and decentralized execution, and a shared services plan
  • Conducted detailed review and identification of mission critical processes for agencies and hospitals
  • Created workforce alignment after downsizing of mission and supporting agencies
  • Developed and aligned processes affecting job classification, job descriptions, roles and responsibilities, performance planning, training and skills building for over 10,000 affected personnel

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